• Bent Oak Nexion 236

    This is the WordPress of Bent Oak Nexion 236. We are a Folk Tribe of the 9, located in the southern Ozark Mountains on Native American land. Our Number 236 was given to us and that is all there is to say about it. The Rounwytha path has become a vital evolution from my previous Dreccian ways. Living many miles from any town has put the insight roles of the past into perspective. Family, Folk, and Soil have proven to be the most vital things that one can find or hold in life. Women lead us. A woman is the Nexion where the causal and Acausal join. This temple and Nexion is HER’s. We are a Red and White Nexion, meaning, we are a mixture of Aryans and Native Americans. We do not view race or sexuality as defining characteristics of human beings. However, we reserve our teachings and most importantly our esoteric aural traditions for those of our blood. We are comprised of our own Kindred Folk. We are not exactly an open Nexion, but Initiates are occasionally accepted, if the Wyrd of the individual interested shares ours. We see the Cherokee and other Native Peoples as our Kindred Folk. They have remembered the Pagan ways we have forgotten, exactly as they were Aeons ago. The memorized over a lifetime then passed down. These words will NEVER be translated to any language and will never explained or written down. We are soon closing out our social media accounts and going dark again. However we will still maintain contact us at our email. Sat Nam will likely be around social media somewhere for awhile yet.

    Corvus Nytheria-Aostarchus

    134 Year of Fayen


  • Folk Tribes

    Commune is a dirty word left over from the 60s experiments with communist villages that sprung up around the world. I mostly have my view of them from the awful scene in Easy Rider where the two main characters stop by a commune in the desert. It’s a nightmare of shot out hippies with dirty children pointlessly trying to grow food in the desert. Drugs and open sexual relationships are hinted at if not outright displayed. Everyone shares everything including bodies. It is inevitable that communities such as this end up falling apart and disbanding back into the world of suburbia from which they sprang. To be clear, this idea of a commune has nothing to do with a Sinister Tribe or what we are building here.

    A Sinister Tribe is first and foremost about strength that comes from numbers. Numbers of individuals and families bonding together. The old fashioned idea of Family is vital to true strength in mind which leads to strength of body. If you’re wonder what life, work and spiritual practice is like I’ll share a little about us. We value family above all other things. Our families are key to our Tribe. This may seem tired or worn out to this disgusting society that seeks to consume all, but to us it’s our Families that make our Folk. We don’t partake in orgiastic rituals as described in very important, though slightly dated, books such as the Black Book of Satan. The BBoS was written during an age where society was rigid and promiscuous behavior would aid to set one free from society as a form of Heresy. My how times have changed. At this point the only social Heresy involving sex would be full abstinence. With the number of incels running rampant, even that is challenged. A monogamous committed relationship, for life, between two individuals is as Heretical as one can be today. We do not look down on committed homosexual or Sapphic relationships, we see them as equal to us in every way save the ability to have natural children. Though in this day and age, for Sapphic couples, even childbirth is possible. We see committed married relationships and the children those relationships produce as a vital part of ending this Aeon and creating a new one.

    Individual family housing is another separation between a Sinister Tribe and the failed idea of communes. The single family or individual owning property and a dwelling is vital for the development of independent thought th uniat births creativity. This creativity will be vital to make the community work together as a cohesive unit with common goals. We each have the same voice, except the leading appointed Female. Her voice is the final one on all matters. She is in Her position because the community is built around Her. Her ways, Her spiritual, or more likely, Her Empathic Way, Her knowledge of the earth’s seasons and it’s Life. We are equal but She is wise and leads for a reason. At Bent Oak in 236, She is Me. I have lived on this mountain, on this land since I was a child. I never thought of myself as a leader, just as a Mom to 7 kids. This position, if you can call it that, is new to me. I will wear it for as long as I’m here. The nature of these things is to evolve holistically. There are guidelines here, I suppose you could call them. They aren’t written down, it’s just common courtesy is. We prefer to use Empathy here as opposed to moral laws. If you don’t know how to use Empathy, you won’t be here.

    The most important thing, other than our own peculiar ways, that you must have, is the ability to work. There is something for everyone to do here. Nothing valuable is free or easy in this world and you must be prepared to work hard to grow, hunt or gather food, maintain living and community property as well as provide security. Any skills such as blacksmithing, gunsmithing, farming, construction, or any practical skill will be needed.

    Tripartrate Moon Sphere Image, artist Associate Bent Oak Nexion 236

    We also will need artists. Art is the foundational way to record history. Words are pointless, they can be so easily misunderstood or misrepresented. Art stands as a record of the artists view of the subject at the time. Art also inspires creation and and productivity. Art entertains, instructs, and enlightens. Authors, actors, musicians, painters, sculptors, builders, all are vital to the Tribe’s essence.

    The Sinister Tribes we build now will be the foundation of the New Aeon. It is vital we choose wisely as well as prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the extremes that the New aeon will pose. It is vital that we live this way now, while there is time to adjust and prepare. The focus of what drives us is our dedication to our Tribe and to HER. We seek our Dark Mother in all things. Our tribe is dedicated to HER. Bent Oak 236 and DCA106 exist as Nexions between the causal and HER, our Mother of Blood. Sacrifices were, and still are, made in her honor.

    Sat Nam Nytheria-Aostarchus 133 Year of Fayen Agia H Eulalia et al Baphomet

  • Dark Pathways of the Tree of Wyrd: An Opening

    We are doing all of the Dark Pathways of the Tree of Wyrd a bit differently than the way described in Naos. Instead we are performing a long form invocation for each Pathway. Having done the opening Invocation Rites for each of the Dark Pathways had left me feeling as if something was missing. When we first made our Magickal Union, Sat Nam and I decided that we would do each Pathway in a slow form, continuously meditating on the Sigils, creating new sigils, studying the history of the Pathway and any connection it may have to other currents or Aeons, making offerings of sacrifice, making pacts, fully precensing each Dark Pathway.

    We set standards and levels of verification that are not in the MSS. Instead of a set schedule of meditation and rites, we decided we would wait until the Dark God being invoked made it known to us that the Invocation was done. Either by direct visual confirmation through physical appearance, or we would wait until we had undeniable, unexaggerated proof. Major changes must occur in our life that shows we have attained Empathy with the Dark God or Pathway being invoked. Your family and friends, certainly your Nexion, as well as other 9, should see those Alchemical changes present themselves in some substantial way. We don’t go into our personal lives here enough to explain them all, however, we are spiritually and physically, even financially, in a far better place than we were 3 years ago when we began.

    I was still in CA completing Insight work when we began this undertaking. We chose to do the Spheres in the Traditional order beginning with the Moon Sphere, however we deviated from the Traditional Naos Dark Pathways sequence and began with Nythra, Tarot Number 13 Death, The Self aspect. (We had no idea until recently how much this decision would effect our increased understanding of the Star Game, we might do a WordPress about this at another time.) I was in a very dark place in my  life, as was Sat Nam. I had actually decided that I was dedicating myself, my life and my actions to Void Worship, with Nythra being my chosen deity. Since the DCA106 alignment with Drakon Covenant, I had used their interpretation of Nythra as a female aspect of the Void.  With all due respect, I do not share that view with my mentor now, though I fully understand the connection and mean no disparage to DC. These connections are deeply personal and are won through intense study, meditation and communion. The fact is, the “gender” of the Dark Gods can change according to the understanding they wish to present you with.

    A little about the Moon Sphere that we have learned. This is going to be annoying to some of you and interesting to others. We now see the entire Moon Sphere and it Tripartrate Dark Gods as the completed emanation of the Abyss, with it’s 3 most powerful forces represented. Nythra is a Vortex at the edge of the Abyss, the male or genderless Incursion that is known as Gaubni. Gaubni has also been called Choronzon. Interestingly, when I was beginning the Nythra Pathway, I was working on an Insight Role and had come in contact, with a 9 Associate, who is an author and artist of the Sinister Tradition, whose lifestyle is such that my insight work in the world of MCs and smuggling had brought us in contact. One evening at the beach, he handed me a piece of paper with a few words written on it, and asked me what, if anything they meant to me. ZAZAS ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANANDA ZAZAS was written there. The words burned into my soul and after a time, a small Nexion was opened there. The world has not been the same since.  The MSS state that Gaubni appears when the word Nythra is chanted or vibrated. A hideous intrusion is an excellent way to describe Nythra,  as my life and work was ripped to shreds. I experienced the most disturbing, violent, and terror filled time of my life. It was absolutely stunning to see the Acausal rip a hole in this causal world. Anton Long, in his wisdom, chose to fling Neophytes into the Abyss fully when they begin the Tree of Wyrd in the Moonsphere.

    Bent Oak Nexion Sinister Tarot image #13 Nythra

    Noctulius was the second Pathway we chose. This Opening set the standard for what we know as “physical” appearance. Without going into detail that is deeply personal, we made an undeniable connection to a very real, living Entity, that is certainly not from our Conciousness. This being is absolutely Satan, but not the Hebraic imitation. We met the Horned God, the Wild Savage God that is the Lord of the Wood and of the Night. The Bat, the Goat, the Bull. A Bull’s, or a Taurus’, blood is a suitable offering. He is deeply connected to the land here. Ritual/Temple Mounds remain here from a long past Aeon when human sacrifices were made to Morning Star the Mother of Blood and to the Horned God, the fanged cannibal blood drinking Lord of the Night. Drinking blood offered to Him gave one astral travel. Clear quartz crystals provided divination and soul transference. The tales of the Wendigo, and another Name not said, are based on the cults that for Aeons of unbroken time have worshipped the Horned God, whose exoteric name Satan, has an alternate esoteric name, ________ known to ALL Adepts of the 7FW. 

    Bent Oak Nexion 236 Sinister Tarot image #15  Noctulius

    Shugara, whose number is 333, is the feminine side of Gaubni, can be compared to the Blue God, Budsturga. HER card is number 18 and SHE is the unconscious aspect of the aspiring adept. She is a motherly figure, a guide to the Initiate seeking Sinister Adeptship. However, she is a cruel and merciless inquisitor. She will place obstacles and tests in your path that cannot be ignored or avoided. She will hold you to anything you say and she never turns down a good bet. She is highly valuable in acts of Sinister destruction, as long as they in some protective. She is also valuable in acts of Sinisterly Numinous creation, offering aid to those who know how to make arrangements. Nythra exposed the hideousness of the realm to me, Shugara has  shown me the  beauty, though many times it’s a beauty in a destruction that must occur before creation can begin begin.

    Bent Oak Nexion 236 Sinister Tarot image #18 Shugara

    The Tripartrate nature of each Sphere is an integral piece of the Star Game. It’s in this that we see a pattern emerge. The Spheres should be opened, especially the first time, in a particular order beginning with the Moon. It’s rather odd, I almost feel sad that this Sphere is ending, so much was learned. We will be doing an Invocation of all 3 Pathways that make this Sphere, likely around the solstice. I never dreamed that the Abyss was so touchable from this realm, but it is. Once those eyes open, they cannot be easily closed. I absolutely feel the deep and intense stare of The Abyss, burning back at me as I gaze, stupified and longing, into it. 

    Corvious Nytheria-Aostarchus

    134 Year of Fayen

    Bent Oak Nexion 236

  • Understanding The Magian Issue

    Aeons rise and fall, that is for sure. Living toward the end of one is a fortunate time to be alive. We as Magickians of the 7 Fold Way are emmersed in the acts of chipping away at the edifices of the failing Western Aeon. This is no time to hang on to the symbols of the dead and the damned, damned to mundanity that is.

    The obsssesion

    of the pretendu crowd, the darkness, the faux goth, the scary evil fun of the horror show. This is all so growing tired as these days march on toward the Incursion. We have no time for these things. We are at WAR with the Magian, and it’s ethos of Homo Hubris. When one practices the false form of Satanism, either atheism or even the type that draws it’s magick from the inverted Kabala, or qliphoth, then you simply power the very current you’re attempting to subvert. You are using the images and names that the jew said were evil. Often these were misunderstood tribal deities with nothing to do with our Horned God, the ancient Prince of Darkness, nor his eternal wife and mother of all Acausal Spirits who dwell in the Earth, Baphomet. Our Satan goes much farther back. Older than Christianity or Judaism. Our Horned God Morningstar was worshipped on Moundbuilder Temples with human sacrifice at the dawn of the Hyperborean Era. The false Satan, created by the Jewish distortion, is as reprehensible as the false Jesus he created as his foe. (A myth based upon the Aryan Issa, Sri Kristos, who studied with the Buddha before returning to Palestine. Whether he was murdered or escaped with his wife and children to a new world is another story.) The false Satan and its “church” of atheism, or it’s kabbalistic perversions with it’s hosts of “demons” as well as sigils are all powering the Magian current and it’s Church of lies. The would be Satanist may as well be going to church on Sunday and asking Jesus in.

    The Order of Nine Angles with it’s pre-kabalistic Tree of Wyrd is a Sinisterly-Numinous Way of Wyrd which walks one up the Path from the Sinister to the Numinous then showing one that Way beyond both showing them both to be an illusion of reality as they merge together then become something far beyond what either could ever be. That is the Essence of what I’m seeing from the tiny stack of Skulls My Two Feet are Standing upon.

    Corvius Nytheria-Aostarchus

    134 Year of Fayen

  • Labrynthos Mythologicus

    In the Night

    Authored by David Myatt

    Performed by Nameless Therein

    When approaching the Occult, especially an Occult Order, one should always be prepared to not accept anything the public is told outright. One should be able to look at everything from at least 25 different points of view, all the while remembering which points are yours. There is a Mythos surrounding the ONA. Some of it is public, some of it never will be. Each Nexion of individuals also has there own version of this. When it comes to the DCA106 as well as Nexion 236’s personal Mythos, whether or not the Mythos is “True” or “Real”, will be the job of the individual Confederate to decide after completing the initiation process. It’s quite irrelevant as the world is fully made up of our desires and what we can visualize. If we dream it, it is.

    In the Night, a lone man, likely a hermit, has a dream of his Lover, though he’s never known her in this life. It pains him to the point that he gets up to sit by the fire, and ends up running through the night. He can sense his great loss and immeasurable pain because he will not find her in this life.

    Its likely a very real experience that Mr Myatt had. It’s likely his love and he missed each other this time around, by a few decades possibly. It’s something one as sensitive as he could go through.

    It reminds me of dream Kaos Butterfly had that he shared some time ago about the Goddess Aosoth. She was once a beautiful young woman. Though still quite lovely, Her beauty had begun to fade. She searched endlessly through the woods.

    As her beauty faded and bitterness set in, she began to became cold until she committed Ritual Suicide. She instructed her Coven to behead Her and guided Her soul into a crystal. The Stone was wrapped in black cloth and buried deep in a cave. When Her husband returns, he flies into a rage and kills all who were involved. He ritually consumes the hearts of his victims awakening in him an ancient force, whose name will not be said, Wee*****, or in modern speech, wen-di-go, possessed his mind, emaciating him. Rampaging through the woods he killed and ate anyone he came in contact with. This is the Horned God, Noctulius, Lord of the Wood and the Night, Satan to some, Lucifer to others. Bringing death to some, light to others.

    Aosoth/Baphomet was his Love and bride. At some point in the future, the crystal would be found, and a Magickian would guide Her soul into a young girl whose blood was the precise type and latent familial liniage correct.

    We began to open Nexion 236 as a means of venerating this ancient being, realizing his place in Sinister Aeonics Theory. The Horned God, Cernunos, The Green Man, *********, Herne, most ancient civilizations held this deity as the highest emmenation of the All in this realm. We experience Him in all that see and do here. We can objectively worship him, as we truly know Him here. We can objectively worship Her,as we truly know Her here.

    Corvus Aostarchus-Nytheria

    133 Year of Fayen

    Bent Oak Nexion 236

  • Psuedo-Mystical Fantasies


    Secret Teachings of the Order of Nine Angles

    Satanism – Or Living On The Edge

    “Genuine Niners are at the sharp end. They strive for and Implement their personal Destiny and they work for the fulfillment of Sinister Strategy. That is by their lives, by their ways of living, they actively aid the creative forces of Darkness. Or, expressed another way, they do the WORK of the Prince of Darkness.

    In contrast, the dabblers, keep themselves secure in their Imaginary and fantasy “Satanic” worlds – with correspondence, meetings, conclaves, group discussion’s, with performing and written/reading about worthless Occult rites; with their babbling about their psuedo-mystical fantasies. A true Niner will be living Satanically – and WILL therefore be dangerous.
    In the real world. They will do real Sinister deeds rather and than just talk about them. He or she will be, for Instance, disrupting society in a practical way, or working to actively create a new revolutionary society that is more Satanic. They might be real Heretics – fighting against the state either politically or via armed warfare if the state upholds the Magian sickness of spirit °°°

    A true Niner not only acts in a certain way – achieving things in REAL life – but they also KNOW what they are doing; they pisses PERSPECTIVE. An Initiated Knowledge. This “KNOWING” is not primarily of the psuedo-mystical kind, nothing to do with rituals or other Occult workings/techniques. Rather it is primarily concerned with how and why certain things are as they are, and how those things can be altered or changed. In essence, it is how Cosmic forces interact with and change/evolve life – about the mechanisms by which Aeons, civilizations, societies, and ultimately individuals, grow, influenced and changed. °°°

    Meanwhile, the psuedo-niners, the pretendu crowd, can continue playing their pathetic games and fawning on one another, achieving nothing in the long-term and probably nothing in the short term either. They can continue imbibing the drug of self delusion.

    Everyone has a choice – only the gifted choose wisely.”

    Not The Path of Least Resistance

    There are many “Niners” that I have come across, online of course, who are under the mistaken impression that they can follow the Septenary Tradition from the comfort and safety of their ordinary mundane lives. This is self delusion. There are requirements for attaining the Internal Alchemical changes that must occur BEFORE the TRUE Nature of the Acausal is revealed to the Initiate. One of these things is Trauma that has been CHOSEN by the initiate by taking a real life Insight Role. There are almost no TRUE Niners who have not say, lived as a vagrant drifting through and living alone in the world’s Urban environments. Stealing, selling drugs, joining gangs and “street families” to perform antisocial and anarchic acts of crime will begin the Heretical life brings the beginning of Alchemical change. Joining the military or police force can accomplish this as well. You absolutely MUST live ALONE in the wilderness for an extended period of time. I am not refering to the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept. That is vital, however, the beginning of true Empathy can ONLY occur alone, without electricity, without human contact in the wildery. The main point being the DANGER these Roles will cause the initiate. This will be TRAUMATIC. That is the entire point. If you are not willing to endure this trauma induced programming, you are not fit for the Seven Fold Way.

    Corvius Aostarchus~Nytheria

    133 Year of Fayen

    Bent Oak Nexion 236

  • The Rouning Way of the Order of Nine Angles

    When we say Rounwytha, what exactly are we referring to? The word Roun in Olde English means to Whisper. The way of the modern O9A’s Rounwytha traditions are based on an ancient Aural tradition that was passed from Mother to Daughter out on the Welsh Marches of England. It is the root source of the Pagan Witch, or wise one.

    We do not concern ourselves with anything that doesn’t involve us directly. The Empathetic Knowing that this path creates is a Nexion to Acausal itself. Women are the rule, and men the exception. Culling of community dross is a vital part of this lifestyle. It was up to the old wise woman when someone had stepped outside the natural boundaries and made themselves Opfers that they would be sacrificed so that a return to normalcy would occur. A particularly peculiar way develops within the Rouning Witch. She and very occasionally, he, begins to hear the quiet whispers of Empathy and Dark Empathy on the wind in the woods. The very Conciousness of HER, our mother Baphomet begins to quietly reveal itself.

    This path cannot be found in any type of urban area. Only in the rural areas far from civilization can this Way be lived. We are creating a new type of life for a new type of Individual. One that can only develop from Pathei Mathis, learning through adversity. Whether or not societal collapse occurs is irrelevant to us here. We assure you, from our perspective, your world has collapsed completely on top of you and you can’t even see it. Our life here looks basically the same, pre or post collapse. We have already left and found a new way that doesn’t involve you or your need to consume every damn thing under the sun. We saw your world for what it is and simply have said, no thank you.

    We sound possibly hippyish to you, as funny as that is we understand why you think that. Let us assure you however, if you try to come here and make us partake in your sick society, you will be dealt with in the harshest and quickest possible manner. We are quite proficient with our weapons of iron and lead as well we have been studying plants, herbs, narcotics, hallucinogens and poisons for a very very long time. You won’t find aid or protection from society here, unless we recognize you as one of our particularly peculiar kind. If we do recognize you as our kind, or if you feel you may be, then we would welcome you here in our communal living situation. We offer training on all types of sustainable homesteading free from government intervention. We also have a temple and walk the Tree of Wyrd, regularly performing rites and rituals to our Dark God’s. If you are interested in our ways or simply want more information drop us an email and get to know us here.


    Corvius Nytheria~Aostarchus

    133 Year of Fayen

  • Midsouth Rouning

    Spring is just barely here in the Midsouth United States. We are beginning to see HER return to life around here. The crickets and night frogs are beginning to make themselves known. I’ve been cleaning the animal pens and depositing the manure on the garden. We will till it under a few more times before planting. Carrots, potatoes, kale, okra, tomatoes, hot and green peppers, watermelon, squash, zucchini, as well as cannabis (indica and sativa) and Datura will be offerings this year. We have flying potion from last year’s crops available if anyone is interested.

    Agia H Datura Gateway to Nythra Queen of the Void!

    We are Corvius and Sat Nam Nytheria~Aostarchus. Midsouth Rouning to the public and Nexion 236 to our fellow Niners. Our small homestead is located far from town, at least 20 miles to the nearest store of any kind. Deep in the heart of Caddo Moundbuilder country. There are burial mounds all over this mountain with a large Ceremonial Mound located 5 miles from our house. 8 foot tall red haired skeletons were found buried in the mound when it was excavated. Of course, no one has seen them since the Smithsonian took them decades ago. They were Celtic, or Phoenician, possibly. They sailed up the Arkansas river to a place near modern Spiro and Heavener, OK. A large Rune stone was found there as well. Land of Gnomes is what it is claimed to say. We are deeply vested in seeking out of he true history of these fascinating people who are our ancestors here. The Native Caddo that live here tell tales of blue eyed Gods and Goddesses that came here and taught them agriculture and animal husbandry. Moving them from hunter gatherers to more civilized tribes.

    They used the Mounds as temples where they performed human sacrifices to Morning Star. A priest would volunteer as a sacrifice and his wife and servants were offered with him. All would be beheaded as the priest passed by them on his way to his sacrificial altar where his life would be taken. The bodies would be placed on racks so the flesh would rot away or be eaten by birds. They would put the bones in boxes and keep them for later worship.

    A shaman would use the bones as well as clear quartz crystals to divinate with the Gods. He would do this deep in a cave on the Mountain of the Dead. He would use the guidance of the sacrificed spirits to guide the tribe in all of its actions. The exact location of that cave is a closely guarded secret. However, we are closer than I ever thought we would be to finding it. It’s narrowed down to a roughly 5000 acre tract of land the ancient natives here used for burial and ritual worship.

    We are concerned only with the ground that our two feet walk upon. We eschew politics, social issues, wars, pandemics, gang violence etc. These things simply do not exist in our world. Sat Nam’s step father was a devote Sihk, Satanist and Hells Angels enforcer who did 15 years in the feds for the club. He chose this precise location for it’s extreme isolation and for the fact that it will never be on the way to anywhere. There are no major resources here at all that modern man would desire. There is nothing here but hills, valleys, thick briar filled forests, lakes, rivers and streams, and wildlife. The land was given to the Cherokee in the 1800s but they have sold almost all of it off. This is how we, who are pure blooded Celts and Germanics, now own land deep in the heart of the so called “reservation”.

    The Cherokee here do not appreciate us that is true. But the tribes such as the Caddo and other full blooded Natives have a respect for us and our lifestyle here. Blood and Soil are the two most very important things that we have. We are building temples here that our great great grandchildren will use to worship our bones and connect with us again.

    We are opening up our lives here for a very select few Niners who would like to come and learn our ways here. We are going to offer teaching in growing food and cannabis, animal husbandry, building and construction, mechanics, as well as general homestead sustainability. We are establishing a barter system with others here so that we can eliminate as much of our dependence on cash as possible.

    This form of accelerationism is what we feel to be the most successful way to create collapse. Though we highly encourage any who feel called to do so, taking up arms against society is so likely to end in nothing but death for the would be revolutionary.

    We have died in combat so many times in past lives and not once has that death landed us in Valhala. This life I have completed my physical battles. I have experienced violence that I will never recover from. I have beaten almost all of my swords into plowshares. I intend to die an old man in my bed surrounded by grandchildren.

    If you are interested in visiting with us, or just want to say hi you can email us:


    Corvius Nytheria~Aostarchus ~ 236

    133 YF (Rejoice!)

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